Deborah A. Middleton Ph.D
Design Research Consulting

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Dr. Deborah Middleton  is Assistant Professor and Chair of the Interior Design Department at Alasala College.

She is active in design consulting working with clients to innovate new social and collaborative spaces. 

Areas of consulting include:

Architecture & Interior Design

Islamic Architecture
Historic Urban Conservation and Restoration

Heritage Restoration and Conservation 

Healthcare Hospital ICU Design

University learning spaces, Library Commons

K-12 Schools

Collaborative work spaces for engineering and innovation

Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

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Deborah Middleton

Tel: 1 (706) 502-6033

A partial list of clients Include:

Digital Equipment Corporation Canada HQ 
Nortel Networks Brampton  Canada HQ 
Bank of Montreal Realestate Corporation
Institute of Learning Bank of Montreal
New Castle Capital Management
Northwater Capital Management
Digital Renaissance
Extend Media
Extreme Motors Indianapolis Indiana
Al Huda Foundation Fishers Indiana