Our Background

Welcome to our site....

I  look forward to meeting and working with you to define, adapt,and thrive  in our rapidly changing  and sometimes chaotic business environment. We are a team of integrated designers who work in the following areas:

  • Workspaces for learning in order to optimize co-located collaboration to reduce your time to market

  • Innovate products​ and production processes with biomimicry for sustainable design solutions.

  • UX  from cognitive and visual perception to ergonomics and social cascading we shape your product and spatial experiences.

Design Thinking & Research the starting point to our DESIGN PRACTICE

Research is essential in defining design opportunities, problems. Design solutions often rapidly appear when we assume a new lens or perspective.  I bring over 25 years of design thinking practice to frame the everyday in new ways to enhance design discoveries. Learn more about our design process here and the ways we can reframe your product or work organization future.

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What we do....

Our services are extensive and customized to your needs for workspaces that advance your business. As designers of future oriented workplaces our designs are proven to compress your product development times and inspire creativity and change for your people and clients. read more.......

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